About the Gratitude project


in about 400 days time I will hit the 11,000 days in  recovery mark which is just beyond thirty years sober. I have not paid a penny for this gift, it was freely given and all that was required of me was that when the time was right and I was able to, I should pass support on to the next sufferer. Because art and sobriety are conjoined for me I want to make an artwork that reflects this. In celebration and in gratitude I intend to “give away” 11,0000 artworks, all the same, yet everyone unique. What I am actually giving away is 11,000 3inch cubes of concrete made entirely from the detritus of my 25 years as a practicing artist.
The money raised from sales on this site will be used to buy time from the people that can assist me in making this give away happen.

The large concrete blocks that the small ones will be cut from are already cast and the project is ready to go and costed. It will take a lot of money to employ several people full time for a year. I will not make money on this project, but I will be documenting it for a publication where I hope to get some sort of payback. In fact on the crowd funder people will be buying an abridged publication of the making of the projectm and receiving a block for free.

If you buy a pebble you will receive one of the concrete blocks when they are dispersed and be acknowledged as an early patron in the project.